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Each of the following supplement material in our elementary statistics course.  Note that section numbers may not match those in the current text.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.
                               -   Daniel F. Symancyk


2.2 Summarizing Data with Tables
2.3 Data Graphs
2.4 Measures of Central Tendency
2.5 Measures of Variation
2.6 Measures of Position
2.7 Boxplots and Outliers

3.3 Addition Rule
3.4 Multiplication Rule
3.6 Counting

4.2 Random Variables
4.3 Binomial Experiments
4.4 Mean, Variance, and Standard Deviation for the Binomial Distribution

5.2 Uniform Distributions
5.2 The Standard Normal Distribution
5.3 Nonstandard Normal Distributions:   Finding Probabilities
5.4 Nonstandard Normal Distributions:   Finding Scores
5.5 Central Limit Theorem
5.6 Normal Approximation to Binomial